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Higher Expectations in Higher Education

Higher education is in the midst of a profound transformation. Every facet of education - what is delivered, how it is delivered, to whom and at what cost - is under scrutiny and impacting change within and throughout every university. This has opened up unprecedented opportunities for universities to rethink how best to educate the next generation of thought leaders.

The globalization and democratization of knowledge has given students more choices regarding where and how they get their education. Technology innovation has created pressure to adopt new forms of pedagogy. The value of a college education is now met with measures like time to degree, ability to get jobs at competitive salaries and student debt upon graduation. Ultimately, these factors have led to changes in how universities are funded.

Florida International University (FIU) recognizes the opportunity this paradigm shift presents. Our own history tells us that necessary change has been the road to growth, to transformation and to advancement.

We are prepared to meet these 21st century challenges. With a forward-facing approach, we will continually assess our environment and make adjustments, strengthening our foundation and upholding our mission and sacred obligation to our students, faculty, staff and community. This obligation is based on our certainty that we provide hope and opportunity to thousands of hard-working students and their families who know that a university education can make a clear difference in the quality of their lives.

The road ahead, our future, is FIUBeyondPossible2020.

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This is a plan of action, one that when fulfilled will ensure that our university and students continue to thrive.